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Airline Careers

First Officer Recruitment

Do you have what it takes to be a part of an award winning company?

If so, come join us on our mission at Monarch to relentlessly evolve our customer experience to deliver what matters to our customers and be part of our teams at Birmingham, Leeds Bradford, London Gatwick, London Luton and Manchester airports.

If you want to take off in style and be part of the travel group best known for superior customer experience and value, you could be joining our diverse team who are passionate about customer safety and outstanding customer care.

Getting there...


At Monarch the safety of our staff and customers is of paramount importance. Therefore our referencing process is rigorous for all employees, and in particular for those who require an airside pass to complete their duties.

To become pilot within Monarch Airlines you will need to:

Complete a full 5 year reference history for your employment

Provide a valid UK Criminal Record Check these currently cost £25.00, our referencing company will obtain a UK Criminal Record Check on your behalf

Provide Criminal Record Checks for any other country you have lived in for a continuous 6 months period (within the last 5 years); each non-UK countries charge different amounts, these must be acquired at your own expense and if necessary translated into English

Checks will be carried out by a third party referencing company. You will be sent a link to this company once you have been Advised you have been successful through your interview

We will support you throughout the referencing process, however it is your responsibility to ensure that accurate information and evidence is provided as requested.

Your offer of employment may be retracted for withholding relevant details or giving false information. During the referencing process if we find any inconsistencies your offer of employment may be withdrawn.

Any expenses incurred during your referencing process will not be reimbursed by Monarch Airlines.

Full details on how to obtain a Criminal Record Check can be found by following the link below.

Points To Consider

Becoming a pilot is a lifestyle change with some challenges but many rewards. Pilots often work long unsociable hours which includes working many weekends, especially during the busy summer months when most of our flights operate.

Pilots are also rostered ‘standby’ and ‘airport standby’ duties, so may be called at unsociable hours to work covering sickness, delays or extra flights.

Relocation may be necessary as pilots must be prepared to live 90 minutes travelling distance of the airport at which they are based.

Monarch provides each base with an accommodation file. This details rentable accommodation in the local areas. It is essential that you have internet connection and have access via a device in order for you to receive your monthly roster and associated changes and allows you to read manuals comfortably electronically. Upon commencement of employment you will be provided with company email address.

To obtain an aircrew ID you are required to supply the company with a valid Criminal Record check (CRC), this will cost you in the region of £25.00. For more information, please see the Criminal Record section.

Please Note: Monarch Airlines cannot apply for or support any Visa/Work Permit applications.


The successful applicant will enter into a bonded agreement at commencement of employment with Monarch. Further information will be available if successful, please contact a member of the recruitment team.


Any expenses (including travelling) incurred by applicants attending assessment days or prior to commencement of employment will not be reimbursed by Monarch Airlines.



Currently £25.00 (which is applied for by our third party referencing partner who deals with applying for references on our behalf prior to commencement of employment).

An Overseas Criminal Record Check this will need to be applied for and translated into English (if you have spent a continuous 6 month period in any one country). These costs vary from country to country.


£40.00 - £150.00 (please visit the CAA website for approved AME doctors in your area by placing your postcode or town in the CAA search field).

Your Recruitment Journey - Overview

Your recruitment journey will start by you simply visiting our website and ensuring that you have the requirements needed. Even if the vacancy you are interested in is not open, you can still register your interest by clicking the ‘apply now’ button which will then navigate you to our online recruitment portal – iRecruit.

You will first need to create an account by completing your personal details and uploading your CV. Once you have done this, it is advisable to select the icon to receive email alerts recognizing your key words (i.e. pilot) and then once the vacancy is opened, our recruitment system will automatically generate a message to you advising the position you are interested in has opened, you will then need to access your account again to apply.

There will be a series of screening questions you will need to complete in order to apply for the role, once you have completed these you will then need to press the submit button, and submit again. You will be able to see that you have applied for the role by going to home page of your account and viewing the ‘jobs applied for’ basket.

Your application will then be assessed by members of the recruitment department and pilot management. You will be able to see if your application has been assessed as the ‘status’ on your account will change.

Application screening as well as interview day results can take up to 6 weeks but if you have noticed the status on your account has not changed within this period please contact the recruitment department.

If you application is not successful at screening stage, it is company policy that unfortunately we are unable to offer feedback at this stage but applicants are welcome to reapply after 6 months of the original application.

Once your application has been screened and if short-listed for assessment the status on your account will change to ‘hold for interview’ which means your application has been successful and you will be contacted regarding the first stage of the assessment process.

Your Recruitment Journey - Stage 1

The first stage of your journey will be 3 online tests, these are:

An Advanced Personality Questionnaire - an extensive in depth questionnaire assessing a candidate's personality and values

Cognitive Reasoning - assessing a wide range of aptitudes including Working Memory, Perceptual Speed & Accuracy and Spatial Relationship

FAST - online assessment tool that gives an indication of an individual’s multi-tasking and learning potential. The assessment analyses physical and cognitive skill providing an overview of a candidate's breadth of skill and learning potential

You will be advised by a member of the recruitment team if you have been successful at this stage and if so, invited to attend an assessment day.

Your Recruitment Journey - Stage 2

You will receive your interview date via the recruitment team and you will be required to telephone or email to confirm or decline your attendance.

We aim to offer a professional but yet enjoyable experience at our interviews. Our interviews are conducted by a team made up of members the pilot community and members of our head office HR Team. There will be plenty of opportunity on the day for you to ask any questions.

A member of the recruitment team will let you know by email if you have been successful at the interview and invite you to the third and final stage.

Your Recruitment Journey - Stage 3

SIM Assessment

This will be a 50 minute detail assessing both technical and non-technical competencies. A full comprehensive briefing will be given prior to the event. Our SIM assessments will normally take place in a full flight simulator provided by our simulator provider CAE in Gatwick.

A member of the recruitment team will let you know by phone if you have been successful.

If your assessment is successful your account status will show as ‘offer on hold’ if there are no vacancies immediately available.

We should advise you that any offer of employment is subject to satisfactory medicals and security clearance and Monarch have the right to withdraw or not to proceed with any offer of employment if these are not met.


Once you have been offered and accepted the status on your account will change again to either ‘offered’ (contract and verbal offered made) to ‘accepted contract' and 'offer accepted'.

As the aviation world is forever changing and although we, as a Company, will always try to recruit Pilots at the right time at the right base, this does not always work to plan.

As a consequence we reserve the right to reschedule your start date by approximately 1 month either way, or change location of our offer of employment. This is not a regular occurrence, however, should this situation arise we will do our very best to give you as much notice as possible. We therefore suggest you refrain from tendering your resignation until one month prior to your start date.

If at any stage you are having trouble accessing your account please first try selecting ‘a new password’. If, then you are still unable to gain access to your account please contact the recruitment department.

If you have any questions that have not been answered within our pages please feel free to contact a member of the recruitment team at any stage and they will be more than happy to assist in any way possible.