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Airline Careers - Cabin Crew

Do you have what it takes to be a part of an award winning company? If so, come join us on our mission at Monarch to relentlessly evolve our customer experience to deliver what matters to our customers and be part of our teams at Birmingham, Leeds Bradford, London Gatwick, London Luton and Manchester airports.

If you want to take off in style and be part of the travel company best known for superior customer experience and value, you could be joining our diverse team who are passionate about customer safety and outstanding customer care. Your new office could be at 35,000ft and every day could bring you a new experience travelling across Europe and beyond. So if you care about people, are 18 years old or over, can swim 25 metres, at least 157.5cm - 187cm in height and hold a valid EU passport, then you could be the right person for us.

Cabin Crew

We are constantly on the look out for talented individuals to join our Cabin Crew team. We will be holding pop up open days throughout the year, please see dates and locations below.

Sunday 23rd April 2017- Hilton Birmingham Metropole,

National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham B40 1PP.

Between 10am-3pm

Monday 24th April 2017- Luton, Training Centre, Monarch Airlines, Prospect House, Prospect way, LU2 9NU

Between 3pm-7pm

Cabin Crew 'Pop-Up' Events

If flying is your dream please come and see us at these pop-up events. We will be conducting interviews on the day so please bring your up to date CV and passport, and don't forget to register/apply online before you attend!

Please watch this space for details of our next event!

Cabin Crew Pop Up Event

The Recruitment Process

Cabin Crew

At Monarch the safety of our staff and customers is of paramount importance. Therefore our referencing process is rigorous for all employees, and in particular for those who require an airside pass to complete their duties.

To become cabin crew within Monarch Airlines you will need to complete a full 5 year reference history for your employment.

These checks will be carried out by a third party referencing company. You will be sent a link to this company once you have been advised you have been successful through your assessment day.

You will also need to provide a valid UK Criminal Record Check these currently cost £25.00, our referencing company will obtain a UK Criminal Record Check on your behalf.

You will also need to provide Criminal Record Checks for any other country you have lived in for a continuous 6 months period (within the last 5 years); each non-UK county charges a different amount, these must be acquired at your own expense and if necessary translated into English.

Full details on how to obtain a Criminal Record Check can be found by following the link below.

We will support you throughout the referencing process, however it is your responsibility to ensure that accurate information and evidence is provided as requested.

Your offer of employment may be retracted for withholding relevant details or giving false information. During the referencing process if we find any inconsistencies your offer of employment may be withdrawn.

Any expenses incurred during your referencing process will not be reimbursed by Monarch or our third party referencing partners.

Points To Consider

Becoming a new cabin crew member is a lifestyle change with some challenges but many rewards. Cabin crew often work long unsociable hours which includes working many weekends, especially during the busy summer months when most of our flights operate.

Cabin crew are also rostered ‘standby’ and ‘airport standby’ duties, so may be called at unsociable hours to work covering sickness, delays or extra flights. Relocation may be necessary as cabin crew must be prepared to live 90 minutes travelling distance of the airport at which they are based.

Monarch provides each base with an accommodation file. This details rentable accommodation in the local areas.

It is essential that you have internet connection and have access via a device in order for you to receive your monthly roster and associated changes and allows you to read manuals comfortably electronically. Upon commencement of employment you will be provided with company email address.

Cabin Crew are initially employed on a fixed term contract. Permanent positions are determined by availability of vacancies and personal performance.


The successful applicant will enter into a bonded agreement at commencement of employment with Monarch. Further information will be available if successful, please contact a member of the recruitment team.


Any expenses (including travelling) incurred by applicants attending assessment days or prior to commencement of employment will not be reimbursed by Monarch Airlines.

Costs you will also incur include:


Cost of UK CRC – currently £25.00 (which is applied for by our third party referencing partners who deal with applying for references on our behalf prior to commencement of employment)

An Overseas Criminal Record Check this will need to be applied for and translated into English (if you have spent a continuous 6 month period in any one country). These costs vary from country to country.


Cost of EASA AME Medical - £40.00 - £150.00 (please visit the CAA website for approved AME doctors in your area by placing your postcode or town in the CAA search field).


To obtain an aircrew ID you are required to supply the company with a valid Criminal Record check (CRC), this will cost you in the region of £25.00. For more information, please see the Criminal Record section.

You are also expected to cover the cost for your first ID. The costs vary from base to base, ranging from £50.00 - £110.00. However, this cost will be deducted from your first 3 salaries upon commencement of employment.


We offer a competitive salary for cabin crew. Subject to revenue taken on the flight, commission will be paid.

You also receive flight pay on an hourly basis; this will also be paid into your monthly salary. In addition, there are various incentive schemes.


Leave for seasonal cabin crew is accrued throughout the summer and a percentage of leave will be allocated to you at the end of your training course. However, it will not be possible to take any additional holiday until after completion of your fixed term contract.


No two days are ever the same and if you want a change from an office environment this is the job for you, there are also many schemes and benefits such as:

great travel concessions on our flights and holidays

career progression opportunities in the air and on the ground

personal pension scheme

in-house competitions to name but a few

Do You Meet Our Minimum Requirements?

Minimum age = 18

Height = 157.5 - 187 cm, physically fit and able to pass a medical assessment

Holder of a full EU passport (with unrestricted world-wide travel)

A good standard of written and spoken English

A good standard of secondary education

A high standard of physical fitness

Capable of swimming 25 metres and treading water unaided without a flotation device

The ability to converse with and have a genuine interest in people

No facial (including ear) gauging

Ability to provide a continuous 5 year satisfactory reference history. If we are unable to obtain the required references and CRC checks, any job offer may be rescinded.

Company standards deem that any tattoos should not be visible in uniform. This includes where it can be seen under items of clothing, e.g. shirts/ blouses / hosiery. If tattoos are visible through the uniform which is a short sleeved blouse/shirt, a white or flesh cotton t- shirt or camisole top must be worn under the uniform, alternatively, tattoo make-up (coverderm) can be applied or one skin coloured plaster measuring no more than 7cm x 2cm to meet our grooming standards can be used. Any tattoos that are located on hands/wrists/forearm/face/neck (forward of ear-line) even if it can be covered by a plaster or tattoo make up are not permitted.

The following would be beneficial:

Previous flying experience

Experience dealing with the general public in the Leisure/tourism industry or a retail, catering or airport environment.

Ability to converse in a foreign language

Medical Requirements

Please note, In order to comply with Ops regulations cabin crew are required to:

Maintain a high standard of physical fitness

In good health

Free from any physical or mental illness which might lead to incapacity or inability to perform cabin crew duties

Have normal cardiorespiratory function

Have normal central nervous system

Have normal vision, with or without glasses

Have adequate hearing

Have normal function of ear, nose and throat

Do not have dependency on alcohol or drugs

Monarch reserve the right to withdraw offer of employment if you do not pass the medical assessment.

CAA brought in a new regulation with effect from 7th April 2014:-

In order to comply with the recent Civil Aviation Authority Regulations (EEC) No. 3922/91 Annex 111 (EU-OPS) OPS1.995, all Cabin Crew wishing to commence on a Cabin Crew course commencing in winter 2014/15, must undertake a UK Class 2 AME medical with a suitably qualified UK Aero Medical Examiner (AME). The cost of this medical will be self-funded and not reimbursed by Monarch

All new entrant cabin crew or cabin crew who have not been assessed as fit for cabin crew duties will be required to attend an AME for an aero medical assessment and will be provided with a report which is to then be submitted along with the Company’s medical questionnaire

Final assessment of the report will be carried out by Monarch’s Occupational Health Department and results will be advised accordingly

Original documentation will be returned to the individual and a copy retained by the Company. The medical will last for 5 years and costs will start from £40.00 but will vary between regions

To find your nearest EASA approved AME please visit the CAA website at caa.co.uk and use the search engine for medical examiners. By simply inserting your area or postcode the search engine will then offer options of approved AME’s near you.

For further information regarding the above please feel free to contact the Recruitment Department. Please note that the above will only apply if you assessment day is successful.

Click here to download our medical requirements:


Your Recruitment Journey

Your recruitment journey will start by you simply visiting our website and ensuring that you have the requirements needed. Even if the vacancy you are interested in is not open, you can still register your interest by clicking the ‘apply now’ button which will then navigate you to our online recruitment portal – iRecruit.

You will first need to create an account by completing your personal details and uploading your CV (please see tips of how to create a great CV). Once you have done this, it is advisable to select the icon to receive email alerts recognizing your key words (i.e. cabin) and then once the vacancy is opened, our recruitment system will automatically generate a message to you advising the position you are interested in has opened, you will then need to access your account again to apply.

There will be a series of screening questions you will need to complete in order to apply for the role, once you have completed these you will then need to press the submit button, and submit again. You will be able to see that you have applied for the role by going to home page of your account and viewing the ‘jobs applied for’ basket.

You can only apply for one cabin crew vacancy at a time, if you are flexible regarding your basing, this will be checked with you should your application be short-listed for assessment day.

Your application will then be assessed by a member of the recruitment department. You will be able to see if your application has been assessed as the ‘status’ on your account will change.

Application screening as well as assessment day results can take up to 6 weeks but if you have noticed the status on your account has not changed within this period please contact the recruitment department.

If you application is not successful at screening stage, it is company policy that unfortunately we are unable to offer feedback at this stage but applicants are welcome to reapply after 6 months of the original application.

Once your application has been screened and if short-listed for interview the status on your account will change to ‘hold for interview’ which means there are no available assessment dates to offer you but your application has been successful and you will be contacted once assessment days have been rostered.

You will receive your assessment date via your account and you will be required to telephone the recruitment department to confirm or decline your attendance. If the date or venue is not suitable for you, this is not a problem as the recruitment department will have alternatives they can offer you so please contact the recruitment department for alternatives.

We aim to offer a professional but yet enjoyable experience at our assessment days. Our assessment days are conducted by a team made up of members of cabin crew and occasionally members of our head office Recruitment Team and a whole day should be allowed. You will be shown a brief presentation on the company and the role of cabin crew and there will be plenty of opportunity through the day for you to ask any questions.

Your assessment day results will again be sent through to your account.

If your assessment day is successful your account status will show as ‘offer on hold’ if there are no available courses to offer you... You will also receive some documentation regarding the process to follow before your commencement of employment. This will include medical assessment information, reference and security checks.

We should advise you that any offer of employment is subject to satisfactory medicals and security clearance and Monarch have the right to withdraw or not to proceed with any offer of employment if these are not met.

Once you have successful completed your medical (please see medical information) and background checks (please see information on pre-employment screening), Monarch will then contact you once courses have been confirmed and to offer a suitable place on a training course. This will then be followed up with a contract which will need to be returned within 2 weeks of receipt.

Finally, once you have been offered and accepted the status on your account will change again to either ‘offered’ (contract and verbal offered made) to ‘accepted contract' and 'offer accepted'.

All that now remains is for you to commence your training course. You will of course receive regular communication from the recruitment team regarding commencement of your employment with us.

As the aviation world is forever changing and although we, as a Company, will always try to recruit Cabin Crew at the right time at the right base, this does not always work to plan. As a consequence we reserve the right to reschedule your course start date by approximately 1 month either way, or change location of our offer of employment. This is not a regular occurrence, however, should this situation arise we will do our very best to give you as much notice as possible. We therefore suggest you refrain from tendering your resignation until one month prior to your course commencement date.

If at any stage you are having trouble accessing your account please first try selecting ‘a new password’. If, then you are still unable to gain access to your account please contact the recruitment department.

Cabin Crew - Assessment Day

Where possible candidates will be called for an assessment day at an airport location nearest their postal address. This does not reflect the location of the vacancies available and successful applicants may be offered a position at ANY of our bases.

Base preference will be checked with you at your assessment day.

Our assessment days are conducted by a team made up of members of cabin crew and occasionally members of our head office Recruitment Team and you will have the opportunity to ask questions to the team during the course of the day. Should you require any special assistance on your assessment day please inform the team when confirming your attendance.

When invited for interview you should allow for a full day. We believe in conducting our interview days in a professional yet relaxed environment and hope that you will enjoy the day. There is a test paper and calculators (calculators are not provided by the company) may be used for the numerical questions (but not mobile phones).

The test is nothing to worry about and the questions range from company knowledge, onboard based mathematical questions to some general knowledge.

Interview day comprises of two parts (morning and afternoon). You must pass all competencies in the first part in order to progress to the afternoon session. During the morning activities you will have your height and any visible tattoos checked, if during this time you fail to meet the required criteria you will be advised that you may leave.

After this yours assessment day will continue with a test paper. If successful you will then be asked to participate in some fun and interactive group activities to assess your behaviour in a team environment.

If you are successful during your morning assessment you will then be invited to progress through to the afternoon competency based interview. This is your time to shine and demonstrate your ability to perform in the role of a cabin crew member by providing specific examples of situations you have dealt with.

Potential cabin crew are evaluated in the following skills:

The ability to communicate effectively in the English language

Customer service skills

The ability to recognise and promote business objectives

The ability to work well in a team environment

The ability to demonstrate the Monarch Values

We would expect you to attend your assessment day wearing smart clothing with a groomed appearance and with your hair tied back or up in a style that you would wish to adopt with the wearing of our uniform.

Should you have any visible tattoo you would be expect to arrive at your assessment day demonstrating this can be covered by either a 7x2 cm plaster or coverderm as per our tattoo policy (please see requirement for more information).

Please be advised that the outcome of the interview may take up to 6 weeks and interview results will be sent through to your IRecruit account.

Cabin Crew - Training

Our comprehensive training course covers such subjects as safety and survival, first aid, in-flight service, customer care, sales, uniform standards and grooming as well as a World-Host Principals of Customer Service Programme. Our Cabin Crew training course requires commitment both in and out of the classroom for its 5 weeks duration.

Continued employment will be subject to achieving required pass mark for all examinations during the training course. Thereafter, during your employment with us further in-flight mentoring will be offered and a targeted amount of assessments will be given by your in-flight manager to ensure onboard performance is consistent with the high standard of customer service delivery.

Tips for Your CV & Assessment Day


Your CV should be no more than 3 pages and should include the following:-

Personal details (including contact details – email, telephone)

Brief personal summery including why you are the best person for the position

Education background including dates

Employment background which should include at least a month to year format and be in chronological order starting with most recent. Also include a brief summary of your position. Any gaps should be included and reasons for gaps

Employment background should carry 5 years prior to application (this can also include education)

4 references which consists of 2 personal and 2 employment

Include any skills that you think are relevant to the role you are applying for

Always use spell-check before uploading or submitting your CV and application

Presentation is key as this is how first impressions are based and what could secure you an interview. When answering some of the questions whether at screening stage of assessment day ensure you give specific examples to how you have dealt with situations you can also use day to day scenarios and not just work related.

Assessment Day:

At assessment day be yourself and be honest, as nervous as assessment days can be, they can also be fun and enjoyable and some of the people you meet on these days can end up being friends for life.

Ensure you look the part, appearance is VERY important when working as cabin crew so make sure that you look immaculate for your interview and SMILE!

Be early for your assessment day, plan your journey and allow extra time for traffic or public transport delays.

If you have any questions that have not been answered within our pages please feel free to contact a member of the recruitment team at any stage and they will be more than happy to assist in any way possible.

Competency Based Interviewing

What is a competency based interview, why we use competency based interviews and what can you do to prepare?

A 'Competency' and ‘competencies’ may be defined as the behaviours (and, where appropriate, technical attributes) that individuals must have, or must acquire, to perform effectively at work (CIPD).

Different competencies are relevant for different roles, a senior manager may be assessed against their ability to ‘influence’ or ‘negotiate’, where as someone looking to work in the contact centre may be assessed against ‘customer service’ and ‘communication’.

A competency based interview is based on the premise that ‘past behaviours are good indicators of future performance’. Anyone can say ‘yes, I have that competency’ but when the competency is demonstrated through a real life example or situation, that is where you will give us the confidence that you can or will repeat the behaviour/competency again for Monarch in the future.

To prepare, you should:

Think about the competencies that are likely to be associated with the role that you are applying for

Go through your work and personal experience to find examples/real life situations where you have demonstrated that particular competency

Practise the STAR (Situation, Task, Action and Result) technique for answering the questions based on your personal experiences

Cabin Crew...

...is it for me?

Becoming a new cabin crew member is a lifestyle change with some challenges but many rewards. Do you have what it takes?


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