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Airline Careers - Cabin Crew

At Monarch we’re a leisure airline and we always have been, ever since we started way back in 1968. Our 49 years’ experience has taught us that flying, even when low cost, should be a pleasure from start to finish, and we’ve never forgotten that our customers’ holidays start with us.

We’re passionate yet down to earth. We’re fair, honest and always understanding. We know how important it is to adapt so that we can meet the needs of the modern holidaymakers.

Our customers see us as an enjoyable airline to fly with. That’s because we offer great service at a great price and we treat our customers the way they want to be treated; as guests. We’re always polite, attentive and courteous and we always greet them with a big warm smile.

Our Cabin Crew

Our cabin crew are ambassadors for many reasons; they come from all walks of life and are thoughtful, understanding, driven and supportive who aspire to be the very best and make a difference on every flight. Working as a key team member you will be able to balance your passion for delivering outstanding customer care with the ability to maintain the highest levels of safety and security standards at all times.

Becoming a new cabin crew member is a lifestyle change with some challenges but many rewards. Cabin crew often work long unsociable hours which includes working many weekends, especially during the busy summer months when most of our flights operate.

Cabin crew are also rostered ‘standby’ and ‘airport standby’ duties, so may be called at unsociable hours to work covering sickness, delays or extra flights. Relocation may be necessary as cabin crew must be prepared to live 90 minutes travelling distance of the airport at which they are based.

If your dream is flying and you feel that you can shine as a member of Monarch Cabin Crew then we would love to offer a very warm welcome at one of our pop-up events. We are extremely pleased that for the second year running we are offering full and part time permanent opportunities.

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We are constantly on the look out for talented individuals to join our Cabin Crew team. We will be holding pop up events throughout the year, please see dates and locations below.

Saturday 9th September - Manchester & Leeds Bradford, Hilton Manchester Airport, Outwood Lane Manchester, M90 4WP doors opening at 1000

Saturday 16th September - London Gatwick, Hilton Brighton Metropole, Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 2FU doors opening at 1000

Saturday 23rd September - Birmingham, Hilton Birmingham Metropole, National Exibition Centre, Birmingham B40 1PP doors opening at 1000

Saturday 30th September - London Luton, Monarch Airlines, Prospect House, Prospect Way, Luton, Beds, LU2 9NU doors opening at 1000

If attending one of our pop-up events you can arrive anytime that is convenient to you from 1000. To allow everyone the opportunity of an interview at all pop-up events, doors will close strictly at 1430

In preparation for attending a pop-up event please read carefully through the minimum requirements and overview of what to expect on the day which is detailed in the 'recruitment process' areas detailed below. When attending it is essential that you arrive with your valid EU passport and an up-to-date copy of your CV.

Essential Cabin Crew Recruitment Information

Airside Referencing Checks

At Monarch the safety of our staff and customers is of paramount importance. Therefore our referencing process is rigorous for all employees, and in particular for those who require an airside pass to complete their duties.

To become cabin crew within Monarch Airlines you will need to complete a full 5 year reference history for your employment.

These checks will be carried out by a third party referencing company. You will be sent a link to this company once you have been advised you have been successful through your assessment day.

You will also need to provide a valid UK Criminal Record Check these currently cost £25.00, our referencing company will obtain a UK Criminal Record Check on your behalf.

You will also need to provide Criminal Record Checks for any other country you have lived in for a continuous 6 months period (within the last 5 years); each non-UK county charges a different amount, these must be acquired at your own expense and if necessary translated into English.

Full details on how to obtain a Criminal Record Check can be found by following the link below.

We will support you throughout the referencing process, however it is your responsibility to ensure that accurate information and evidence is provided as requested.

Your offer of employment may be retracted for withholding relevant details or giving false information. During the referencing process if we find any inconsistencies your offer of employment may be withdrawn.

Any expenses incurred during your referencing process will not be reimbursed by Monarch or our third party referencing partners.

Points To Consider

Becoming a new cabin crew member is a lifestyle change with some challenges but many rewards. Cabin crew often work long unsociable hours which includes working many weekends, especially during the busy summer months when most of our flights operate.

Cabin crew are also rostered ‘standby’ and ‘airport standby’ duties, so may be called at unsociable hours to work covering sickness, delays or extra flights. Relocation may be necessary as cabin crew must be prepared to live 90 minutes travelling distance of the airport at which they are based.

Monarch provides each base with an accommodation file. This details rentable accommodation in the local areas.

It is essential that you have internet connection and have access via a device in order for you to receive your monthly roster and associated changes and allows you to read manuals comfortably electronically. Upon commencement of employment you will be provided with company email address.

We are currently offering full and part time permanent contracts on successful completion of a 6 month probationary period.


The successful applicant will enter into a bonded agreement at commencement of employment with Monarch. Further information will be available if successful.


Any expenses (including travelling) incurred by applicants attending assessment days or prior to commencement of employment will not be reimbursed by Monarch Airlines.

Costs you will also incur include:


Cost of UK CRC – currently £25.00 (which is applied for by our third party referencing partners who deal with applying for references on our behalf prior to commencement of employment)

An Overseas Criminal Record Check this will need to be applied for and translated into English (if you have spent a continuous 6 month period in any one country). These costs vary from country to country.


Cost of EASA AME Medical - £40.00 - £150.00 (please visit the CAA website for approved AME doctors in your area by placing your postcode or town in the CAA search field).


To obtain an aircrew ID you are required to supply the company with a valid Criminal Record check (CRC), this will cost you in the region of £25.00.

You are also expected to cover the cost for your first ID. The costs vary from base to base, ranging from £50.00 - £110.00. However, this cost will be deducted from your first 3 salaries upon commencement of employment.


We offer a competitive salary for cabin crew. Subject to revenue taken on the flight, commission will be paid.

You also receive flight pay on an hourly basis; this will also be paid into your monthly salary. In addition, there are various incentive schemes.


Leave for cabin crew is accrued from the moment you join and a percentage of leave will be allocated to you at the end of your training course. In the first year all remaining annual leave will be allocated when operationally viable, it is essential therefore that you make the Monarch team aware of any annual leave already booked when attending a pop-up event.


No two days are ever the same and if you want a change from an office environment this is the job for you, there are also many schemes and benefits such as:

free 5 week training programme and company uniform

great travel concessions on our flights and holidays

opportunities to get involved in Monarch PR events

discounts on a variety of popular venues and attractions

variety of career progression opportunities

Do You Meet Our Minimum Requirements?

Minimum age = 18

Height = 157.5 - 187 cm, physically fit and able to pass a medical assessment

Holder of a full EU passport (with unrestricted world-wide travel)

A good standard of written and spoken English

A good standard of secondary education

A high standard of physical fitness

Capable of swimming 25 metres and treading water unaided without a flotation device

The ability to converse with and have a genuine interest in people

No facial (including ear) gauging

Ability to provide a continuous 5 year satisfactory reference history. If we are unable to obtain the required references and CRC checks, any job offer may be rescinded.

Company standards deem that any tattoos should not be visible in uniform. This includes where it can be seen under items of clothing, e.g. shirts/ blouses / hosiery. If tattoos are visible through the uniform which is a short sleeved blouse/shirt, a white or flesh cotton t- shirt or camisole top must be worn under the uniform, alternatively, tattoo make-up (coverderm) can be applied or one skin coloured plaster measuring no more than 7cm x 2cm to meet our grooming standards can be used. Any tattoos that are located on hands/wrists/forearm/face/neck (forward of ear-line) even if it can be covered by a plaster or tattoo make up are not permitted.

The following would be beneficial:

Previous flying experience

Experience dealing with the general public in the Leisure/tourism industry or a retail, catering or airport environment.

Ability to converse in a foreign language

Medical Requirements

Please note, In order to comply with Ops regulations cabin crew are required to:

Maintain a high standard of physical fitness

In good health

Free from any physical or mental illness which might lead to incapacity or inability to perform cabin crew duties

Have normal cardiorespiratory function

Have normal central nervous system

Have normal vision, with or without glasses

Have adequate hearing

Have normal function of ear, nose and throat

Do not have dependency on alcohol or drugs

Monarch reserve the right to withdraw offer of employment if you do not pass the medical assessment.

CAA brought in a new regulation with effect from 7th April 2014:-

In order to comply with the recent Civil Aviation Authority Regulations (EEC) No. 3922/91 Annex 111 (EU-OPS) OPS1.995, all Cabin Crew wishing to commence on a Cabin Crew course commencing in winter 2014/15, must undertake a UK Class 2 AME medical with a suitably qualified UK Aero Medical Examiner (AME). The cost of this medical will be self-funded and not reimbursed by Monarch

All new entrant cabin crew or cabin crew who have not been assessed as fit for cabin crew duties will be required to attend an AME for an aero medical assessment and will be provided with a report which is to then be submitted along with the Company’s medical questionnaire

Final assessment of the report will be carried out by Monarch’s Occupational Health Department and results will be advised accordingly

Original documentation will be returned to the individual and a copy retained by the Company. The medical will last for 5 years and costs will start from £40.00 but will vary between regions

To find your nearest EASA approved AME please visit the CAA website at caa.co.uk and use the search engine for medical examiners. By simply inserting your area or postcode the search engine will then offer options of approved AME’s near you.

For further information regarding the above please feel free to contact the Recruitment Department. Please note that the above will only apply if you assessment day is successful.

Click here to download our medical requirements:


Our Pop-Up Events - What to Expect

Before attending a pop-up event it is highly recommended (but not essential) that you register your interest by clicking the ‘apply now’ button next to the vacancy you are applying for.

This will then navigate you to our online recruitment portal where you will be asked a number of questions to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements for the position. On completion of the application process you will be able to see that you have applied for the role by going to home page of your account and viewing the ‘jobs applied for’ basket.

If at any stage you are having trouble accessing your account please first try selecting ‘a new password’. If, then you are still unable to gain access to your account please contact the recruitment department. Anyone that has not completed the online application in advance of a pop-up event will be asked to do this on the day if initial minimum requirements have been met

At the Pop-Up Event

Our pop-up events run throughout the year at all UK base locations and are conducted by a team made up of members of cabin crew, base management and our head office talent acquisition teams.

On arrival a Monarch host will offer refreshments, a very warm welcome and after initial registration will ensure that minimum requirements can met for the role... it is highly recommended that you check that you are able to meet the cabin crew minimum requirements before attending any pop-up event to avoid disappointment on the day.

Following the initial meet and greet, you will join us at our interactive presentation where you will be able to find out all about Monarch, the role of cabin crew and the training you will undertake if successful. This is also the perfect opportunity to get to know others in the room and ask members of the Monarch team any questions you may have.

The Assessment Process

Throughout the day there will be a number of assessments carried out which have been carefully aligned to the role of cabin crew. These will include a numeracy/comprehension test paper, a team based activity and if successful a 2:1 competency based interview.

The entire assessment process is managed by a highly experienced and trained team who are there to encourage and get the best out of you. Should you not meet the minimum requirements that have been set throughout the assessment stages then our team will be on hand to offer appropriate developmental feedback should you wish to reapply in the future.

Application and Airside Referencing Checks

Throughout the day our team of experts will be on hand to provide full information in relation to the airside referencing process. They will not only explain the requirements but give you a good indication on how long it is likely to take if successful. To support with this it is highly important that you bring along your EU passport (with unrestricted travel worldwide) and a copy of your current CV.

If at this stage you have not completed the online application process then a member of the team will take you through this... to save time on the day it is highly recommended that this is done via our careers website before attending.

Following the Pop-Up Event

If you have successfully progressed through the day and attended a competency based interview it will be our intention to advise you of the outcome within 7 days. Should you have not heard anything after this period then please do not hesitate in contacting a member of the central talent acquisition team.

If successful you will be entered into our cabin crew hold pool when all airside referencing checks will begin. This process can take an average of 90 days to complete, it is highly important at this stage that all information being provided is 100% accurate otherwise this can create delays with obtaining an airside ID. All training courses are allocated based on the progress being made with the airside referencing process.

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our pop-up events, should you have any questions then please do not hesitate in contacting a member of the centralised talent aquisition team.

Cabin Crew - Training

Our comprehensive training course covers such subjects as safety and survival, first aid, in-flight service, customer care, sales, uniform standards and grooming as well as a World-Host Principals of Customer Service Programme. Our Cabin Crew training course requires commitment both in and out of the classroom for its 5 weeks duration.

Continued employment will be subject to achieving required pass mark for all examinations during the training course. Thereafter, during your employment with us further in-flight mentoring will be offered and a targeted amount of assessments will be given by your in-flight manager to ensure onboard performance is consistent with the high standard of customer service delivery.

Cabin Crew...

...is it for me?

Becoming a new cabin crew member is a lifestyle change with some challenges but many rewards. Do you have what it takes?


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