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Monarch Airlines is a leading leisure airline operation flying to a plethora of destinations centred on the Mediterranean, Canary Islands and Winter Ski. We carry up to 7 million passengers each year from our five UK bases, and have expanded our routes in line with customer demand.

We’re proud to deliver superior customer service at a competitive price, which is why so many customers choose to fly with us. As a member of the Monarch Airlines team you’ll be the ‘face’ of our business, bringing our Vision and Values to life. So if you’re passionate about travel and customer service and believe that ‘good’ just isn’t good enough, learn more about our Airline roles here.

Our staff are our greatest asset and are fundamental to the success of our business. They are amongst the most highly trained professionals in the industry and are committed to delivering superior levels of care and service to all our customers.

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Cabin Crew...

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A career in the skies is like no other. Working at 35,000 feet delivering superior customer service and ensuring the safety of your passengers and fellow crew at all times is a demanding – but very rewarding – role. So find out if this is the high-flying career for you…


Pilot Careers

Over 400 highly qualified Captains and First Officers work with us to deliver the superior service Monarch customers expect. Can you go Above and Beyond?


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