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Phillip (1)


BHX Cabin Manager


My name is Phill and I started flying with Monarch in 2005. I flew from MAN for 5 years and have been in BHX since 2010. As Cabin Manager I help to motivate a team of cabin crew to achieve the daily business goals; to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, work towards the OTP (On Time Performance) goals and to mentor crew members to be the best they can be.

As I fly with different crew each day, no day is similar I getting to meet new crew whether that is crew or passengers. Working my way through the ranks to Cabin Manager and with 10 years’ experience I believe I have learnt many new skills and approaches in how to read people and therefore understand the needs of our customers. Getting to know our customers in a short flight is easy with a smile and a genuine "hello"!

Monarch isn’t always like going work; it’s going for a nice day out with new friends. There is very much a family feel to Monarch. My top tip for anyone wanting to work for Monarch is to be yourself. We all have our own individuality and it’s only when we bring these all together that we create the Monarch experience.

Working with Monarch for 10 years I have had the chance to expand my skills through in house training; I have taken courses that select new recruits, help coach crew, assist with training, become a VIP flyer and assisting on promotion days to advertise the Monarch brand.

Monarch is very much a family feel airline and so understands the needs of passengers. As a brand we understand the journey that our customers take isn’t just the flight itself but it’s the whole adventure from booking the flights, the checking in, the flight and the holiday itself. It’s by bringing the whole trip together as one; delivering an exceptional service.