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Business Analyst


My name is Imran and I am a Business Analyst at Monarch. I’m quite new and loving every moment so far! I am lucky that I get to work with all areas of the organisation and act as the bridge between our technical departments and the business.

My role consists of investigating, analysing and delivering any change in process, people and/or systems for the projects that I am involved with. The most exciting part of my role is being able to drive change and also look at something as a concept and take it through to implementation.

Through looking at the bigger picture when delivering projects, I ensure that all areas of the business are considered when any change is being made. It is vital that everything I do brings value to Monarch and eliminates waste.

There are many career opportunities at Monarch. I have been involved in some very large projects and been given a lot of responsibility. It’s been a chance for me to shine and I would recommend the company to all of my friends and ex-colleagues. No two days are ever the same!

My Top Tips for anyone wanting to work for Monarch are to be open to change, learn as you go and get stuck in. You will find that you’ll get out what you put in!