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Graham (1)


Customer Experience Director


My role is as a Customer Experience Director and I have worked within the business for 25 years. I am responsible for ensuring we are delivering excellent customer service from the time the customer books to the time they arrive home. It’s great to be able to go on overseas visits and see the products and meet the customers, it enables us all to realise that we have a responsibility to the customer.

The fact that Monarch is so passionate allows everyone who works for them to deliver outstanding customer service, they care about people and doing the right thing for both customers and staff and always want to do things better.

Working for Monarch means working for a secure organisation that has a large variety of businesses across the group and it’s a company that is dedicated to regular training for all their employees whatever area of the business they work in. If you’re considering working for Monarch I would recommend doing a bit of research into the different services and products they provide, it can be a powerful thing when a candidate knows the business!