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Aircraft Mechanic


My name’s Charlotte and I’m an aircraft mechanic here at Monarch. I joined Monarch in August 2011 after I successfully got through an assessment day and interview in the training school based in Luton. As an 18 year old who was very much a home-bird, the thought of flying the nest (excuse the poor puns) to spend 17 weeks in Luton, with 14 other apprentices I’d never met, terrified me. My CV and application form sat on top of the fireplace at home for a week until the day before application deadline when I had a sudden realisation that the world, in reality, is such a small place and was it really worth letting my dream job slip away for the sake of living 200 miles away for 4 weeks? Not a chance!

Before I started Monarch, I was studying for the International Baccalaureate at a local sixth form in Liverpool. It definitely sounds fancier than it is but to sum it up briefly, it’s the equivalent to 7 A-Levels and is internationally recognised. There was definitely an expectation for myself and my student colleagues to apply for university. I’ve never been one to follow the crowd and knew from a very young age I wanted an apprenticeship in aviation, specifically engineering which was sparked after having several private flying lessons as a teenager.

In August of this year my colleagues and I successfully graduated from our four year apprenticeship and had a fantastic day. Our families were invited to enjoy a presentation of our certificates, a buffet and photographs. Later in the day the training school co-ordinators took the apprentices out for a meal and celebratory drinks, 11 of us then hopped onto the train into London and celebrated in style, you’ll all be relieved to know we all took a couple of days off post-graduation. I’m pleased to say that upon completion of the apprenticeship I applied for the position of a permanent mechanic within Monarch’s Manchester hangar and was successful! So since September I’ve been in the big wide world as an adult, so far so good!