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Amrol Miah




Hi, my name is Amrol. If you’ve recently seen a Monarch advert whilst reading your morning newspaper, wandering around the airport or browsing the world wide web, chances are I had something to do with it! I joined the company in February 2014 however, it feels like I have been in the company for a life-time. Time moves quickly when you’re having fun!

In a nutshell, I have responsibility for ensuring consistency across the Monarch brand. On the practical side of my work I could be producing anything from press adverts for national/regional newspapers (if you have seen a Monarch advert on the Metro newspaper you now know it may have been created by me), Large scale prints known as OOH (Out of Home) and digital email banners advertising Monarch’s latest offers or products.

I also create content (including video) for both UK airports and overseas, social campaigns, tradeshow banners and the list goes on and on… My day to day is really varied and fast-paced, so no two days are the same!

What I love the most about working at Monarch is the people that I work with. I work with a bunch of wonderful and amazing people, we all look out for each other. In the age of emailing and digital technology, people at Monarch still make an effort to verbally talk to one another, which I feel is more effective than just sending an email.

Monarch is known for having a family-orientated culture which makes us rather unique and special.